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Cuticura Kids: Playing safe

<strong>Cuticura Kids:</strong> Playing safe
Cuticura Anti Bacterial Hand Serum for Kids provides 8 hours protection. Tell me more...

150 Years: Discovery our history

<strong>150 Years:</strong> Discovery our history
We’re celebrating 150 years of touch protection, check out our history page Find out more...

Celebratory packs: Mildly Medicated

<strong>Celebratory packs:</strong> Mildly Medicated
Our Mildly Medicated Soap and Talcum Powder helps sooth, cool and comfort skin Tell me more...
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CSI Suburbia


It’s one of the oldest questions in the parenting handbook, but exactly what do kids get up to when not under the watchful eye of their parents? The ‘Journey of the Germ’ study, led by Professor Lisa Ackerley on behalf of Cuticura, set out to uncover just how far children explore when parents backs are […]

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