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Get hands on!

Get hands on!

1 in 6 women are shopaholics and count shopping as a favourite pastime. But while a spot of retail therapy with girlfriends may seem innocent, superbugs such as MRSA and viruses can lurk on everything from changing room door handles to chip and pin devices! Learn more about hand hygiene with Cuticura.

What is sensitive skin?

With Christmas around the corner our skin is feeling the effects of the cold weather and our skin is feeling a little extra sensitive. We asked dermatologist Justine Hextall, what is sensitive skin?

Britons at risk from ‘hazardous hobbies’

Are we turning innocent pastimes into hazardous hobbies due to an increased ignorance about hand cleanliness?

Dr Lisa Ackerley’s top tips for healthy hands

BBC’s Dr Lisa Ackerley shares her top tips for sporting healthy, well-protected hands.

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